Thursday, December 31, 2015

Lines from the Months of This Last Year: November

Thank You Lord. What a crazy day. Couple of days. So much painting yesterday, none today.
But getting lost in West Chester...
THANK YOU, because You do what I can't do.

Oh God. The bombings and shootings in France.
Help us overcome evil with good. Individually, corporately.
Lord, dig out the sin and bring wholeness, healing, redemption. True repentance.
Sin is so easy when you're hurt or angry or stressed.

Bless us, Lord. Guide our energies.

Dearest Lord,
I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and because the paintings are finished, and because today was so lovely.

Thank You for conversation and sisterhood and prayer. For the deja vu as A. was praying about my commission on the way back from the shower. You comfort me.

I want - I need - to know You are at work in all these unseen things. Help them to be my first reality.

God, I don't want flirtiness. Help me to be true. And help me trust Your timing. Gesu.
Provide, still! Help me be grateful, and trust You, give and see and mourn and rejoice!

It was a beautiful Thanksgiving. Thank You. I'm glad to be single. Thankful for the help recording.
I need You. I need help loving. And taking teasing and insults - or not. Help me not be a wimp. And help me have freedom and discipline, and care for the temple.
Thanks for a weepy day - the Macy's parade made me cry.

I can't grasp or accomplish anything.
Daddy, teach me.
Lover, take me. 

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