Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Honey child
you can care about it
going wild
spend your afternoons and evenings
in the branches and the lush leaves

Too many
things have hurt you and you
try to hide
try to love what loves you back and might
never let you down

Fly high
like the little one you held in your hand
With the eyes that seemed to understand
and made a mother of a child

His wings
will never take him very far away
you see, he comes back for you every day
and he would die at your door

(and he did)

Save a feather
as a relic of a pristine love
but realize that relics rot and rust
there’s no way to escape from loss

So let him teach you
let him teach you what I’m trying to say
Grow your loving for the living,
not forgetting what has been

Like a womb
never completely shrinking back to size,
where you’ve loved you will enlarge
but let it go, give it up and let another birth come

you’ll keep giving life…

Thursday, September 3, 2015


I can feel your prayers
as if the words were Ghostly
gossamer threads we
both are tied by,
shaking at the slight touch
of a hand.

Somehow we know, though we don't
know how to traverse this wet web,
those strands which will safely hold us,
those which will catch
our enemies.

Oh, spin -
keep spinning from inside you
silver intercession,
our home
suspended in air.