Monday, May 25, 2015


Every real thing
is a question, “Will you?”

a summit where we overlook the world.
And suddenly we understand
what courage is required for life .

Everything within, without us
cries incessantly

how resolute is truth,
how towering and resplendent;
take a breath.

Everywhere we go,
we go from arms to arms-

lingering like the sun
with a last look, a sigh
on shoulders.

This world, my soul,
my God,
heaven is my heart made large enough
to love You the way You deserve.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cover Crop

Small bones,
multitudes of sins -
yours, mine, together.
Boiled down for broth,
choking in our throats.

Shovel over all,
cover in this heavy earth
the carcass,
bleached by sun,
buried deep now,
better left
to insects underground.

Forgiven. Not forgotten, 
but remembered only like the refuse in the soil -
collected, composted, recycled for
our better loves to grow.

Only for our better loves to grow.