Sunday, January 18, 2015


Oh God
my crowded skulllllll... if it takes too much 
can it be wrong to want to wander 
to wish i had not 
to have no claim on anything, the world the woods, the silence
the black bear's crusted paws
[this terrible discovery of wilderness, forgotten so as not 
to be forgiven].

Eat this apple, tart and slicker than ice. It is wet 
outside you will catch coiled (it is cold outside 
you will ruin your feet).

We take such gray photos only to look as we wish we could, 
pretending to be sorry, mmm, keep on dancing, goodbye. It's been nice to know 
you now you
are gone. 
Long, too long. It's been tombs and bombs since i saw you waiting 
in the thicket watching me waltz by.

If only i was strong 
enough to love you let you 
                                    see me, 
                                            be you 
in my skin my tight-lipped love my everlasting world 
without end amen. 

If i was smaller perhaps, or large enough to be invisible, 
clean and jasmine, 
Justice with a scale and liquid eyes. We all file past, 
all flounder flapping fins and wings, wanting nothing 
but to sing and hear the rush of every verb ascend with us. 
The sun and song of quickened things, virtuous 
and salty on our tongues. 

If you let me stretch 
my flesh across the branches like a fated parachutist, like some tragedy, 
(i will run i will ruin my feet it is ok i hope)

laughing that painful breathless way the uterus opens up 
now we smell our own blood 
and the last word 
to be spoken is good. 

Monday, January 12, 2015


I took the cup, I drained it dry
I took the cup, I drained it dry
I was so lonely then,
I could barely open my eyes.

Don't sit there, stupid,
get up and take it with both your hands
is an option.

Will you let the balm come and cover your wounds?
Will you let the oil run down your head?
Will you let it succour all the hunger inside?

'Cause healing
is an option,
and there's time. 

Mondays: Math and Music

I'm doing it again
my tree grew four times taller,
an attic at the top
for all the treasures
I've stored up
for you
my love.