Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Lines from the Months of This Last Year: July

O Lord.
You have seen me through the last 2 1/2 weeks (Thank You).
Help me to invest, to stay focused, to love and choose grace over anger, self-entitlement, or frustration/worry. Grace. More than enough for all our needs today.
Help us all keep choosing life.

Thank You for Mr. A mopping for me. For J helping me in a pinch, and W saying such encouraging things, and A's kindness to S, and K's enthusiasm and sacrifice.
Thanks for Miss B's hugs, and the campers who smile, and for J enjoying his food.

Help me to EAT Your Words.

Lord God, make me malleable, soft, ready. Be my rest.

Thank You for all Your enduring wildness & faithfulness.
You've seen me through so much. Draw me back. Deeper, interceding, and one with You in the first place.

Oh, Father, remind me of my welcome, because I feel apart from you, and dry, and I want to apply my whole self to You, to prayer and intercession and satisfaction in you.
What do You intend from our loves?
Make us actually ready to be good lovers. Seeing You for who You are, not the rules or the trappings or the tidy boxes. Keep us from evil and temptation in Your Name, Jesus.


What are you trying to prove?
Look at that fool with her hands in the air
too far gone
I am the song of drunkards
I myself am drunk on love. Eh.
Sticking to the tree by your clenched fists,
brown feet, carving into the smooth side
His name, saying, in insinuating ways,
'I hope you know.'

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