Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lines from the months of this last year: August

Help me find that greater confidence that rests solely on You, without any need for me to feel at all "together."

My mind, too, must love You.

Thank You for protecting me while I feel so vulnerable. While I don't relish food, music, or anything really, but just need You. Thank You for allowing me, even so, to keep working. Songs are returning.

It is so windy tonight. I went out and knelt on the stone.

Thank You for leading us to good places.

Your lovely arms.

"...A certain unselfish confidence which is the mother of dignity."
-George MacDonald, "Malcolm," 73

"The worst of foolish laws is, that when the insurgent spirit casts them off, it is but too ready to cast away with them the genial self-restraint which these fretting trammels have smothered beneath them."
-Ibid., 74

I don't want to live with an imaginary boss behind my back.

What a refreshing feeling: not a cent in my pocket.

I absent-mindedly put vanilla yogurt in the chili tonight.

We had a good day. It helps to say it.

The way memories lurk and appear.

The best part of the morning was You, Jesus.

So good to see them looking so alive and beautiful. She took my face in her hands and said it was good to see it.

He said something to the girls about being barefoot. I defended,
"But I'm barefoot!"
"Well," he said, "you're different."

I was silly and ordered chocolate milk, of all things.
The check came in a music box.

Help me not miss anything You want me to know, to do, to love.

Something good is happening when your children love each other.

She made faces across the room at me during the meeting.

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