Friday, July 8, 2011


Is this what it means to become one with someone?
I’ve spent the last three hours observing the bridge of your nose, the way it bends and curves like a wave, a cliff, a dune of sand; the tautness of your skin, the color of it, and the faint pulse of blue that shows transparent underneath. I feel I could spend my whole life in this, this learning to know and understand you, to be you in some intangible way that I myself do not even understand. 
How the placement of your ear - just so - and the breaks and dips and angles of your jaw and neck, how it moves me to tears. When you incline your head to the side, I am caught in the poetry of your movement, the intense and sacred power of your humanity, your presence, your beauty. Why did I never see like this before? Does it take loving to see this?

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