Thursday, July 21, 2011

Old Poems


Jesus met me in the library.
I was afraid to go into the aisle where the bearded man was.
He was wearing a bright green shirt.
I was afraid to listen to my friend
Or to take the time to tell her how I really felt.
The girl with brown hair,
Who wasn’t really there,
Was there in my dream.
I was unafraid, and Jesus’ name broke the silence
As I proclaimed it and praised it in the parking lot -
Who He is: the Holy One, the Savior.
Why can’t I, don’t I, yell it in real life?
Why am I so careful to hide from others, that I hide it from myself?
Why don’t we die from forgetfulness?
Why do we forget that the universe is controlled
By God?
Why am I knotted inside?
Jesus, Jesus, the Holy One, the Savior.
The only name that should be yelled
In libraries.

If This is Learning Love

Keeper of my heart,
I want so much to be loved
By what I love
I want what I love
To love me
I want what I love
To love me.
Keeper of my soul’s keys
You must know what I mean
Isn’t all You’ve known with us
Wanting to be loved
By what You love,
Wanting to be loved
By what You love?

On the Heights

Hold me by my right hand
And take my fear away
Guide me with Your gentle words
And lead me in Your way
For what desire have I on earth?
There is nothing here but Thee
For You have called me your loved one
And set my spirit free.

Hide and Seek

Where are You hiding?
Are You hiding?
I am faint
For want of You.
One moment I am glad,
For Your hem brushes against me as You
Walk by
And I am warmed and
But now I have become
And sadness settles on me like dew.
It is as if I see You
Only to lose sight of You again,
And to doubt whether it was really You
At all,
Since the emptiness remains.

You have passed by me
And the breath has left my lungs
To cling to You
So that I will not breathe again
Until I find You.


Come to us
Brand our backs with your Name
And the pain will draw us out of this complacency
These lies, this inconstancy.
Our hearts will flame and burn for You
All fear will fade
And love be true.

Draw us out of this numbness, this death
The truth is what we long for,
For passion, purpose, and for love
And righteousness…
Oh, for righteousness.
To battle like a warrior
To wash feet like a servant
To give You all we have
And find You gave us more in return.
So come to us
Come to us

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