Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Possible, March 14

It is not for us to say what is possible and what impossible.
Prove to us again that Your power, the power that raised Jesus from the dead, is still at work.

I feel as if this day is already doomed to mediocrity. Please change that. I can come to You, and give You my heart, give You all I am, have, do, and suffer (as E.E. said), and welcome in the life You will give me today. Keep me surrendering. And help me to know if there is something I should be doing differently.
One thing is decided: take my full attention. I squirm to ask that. But I'll be satisfied with nothing else. And if I really believe You, You are the only thing worth looking at, knowing, and believing in the whole of existence. So please draw me deeper. Be gentle, but don't stop. Renew my life, my spirit, my resolve. Fill me with Your love. Prepare me for whatever life holds next. Help me to be grateful. 

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