Tuesday, March 4, 2014

This Latest Addiction

Rushing to the bathroom this morning
you stopped me in the doorway with a kiss and,
"Caught you looking like an angel."
Not a ghost?
This is new to me
and I'm not ready to be
Call me Katherine Hepburn,
make me QUEEN,
tell me I stole the show,
tell me I should get out more.

Help me.

I want to be small. Small and dear,
a newborn, firstborn, single
eyelash on an ordinary
beloved face.

Make me a lonely landscape
and an open sky, silent enough for one voice to be heard clearly.
I used to tell You
You could destroy me,
and now I am afraid to lose
this latest addiction. I need beauty but
this is new to me
and I'm not strong enough to be

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