Sunday, March 9, 2014


"Do not spray into eyes
I have sprayed you into my eyes."

I let You in
and pica astonishes me.
rabbit in spring
wild-eyed for more than mating
some kind of grand ringing
in all this. The chimes from the neighbor's back deck
at night. The Cheshire Cat smile of a moon.
The longing to scrape earth in my hands
taste bitter grass, split the clouds
spit and laugh
soften stones between my two arms.
Kiss frost from the window
shear my head
or cover it.

"You made a holy fool of me
and I've thanked You ever since."

"Do not spray into eyes..." alt-J, "Taro"
"You made a holy fool of me..." mewithoutYou, "In A Sweater Poorly Knit"

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