Thursday, April 3, 2014

Had (better) Matter

Yes, but we are all human.
Humble commune, sludge, the nudge 
the nether end the bend 
of citrus trees, and sit us down on wed 
rocks wet rocks granted 
granite smudge. Fountains 
bluebs, bluebers, tubers, roots. Coots magoots. 
Hoodles. Hoodlums, 
Soof, the roof, the underage belly 
of the gub-gub, float me on the rim of a straw hat, 
mad and maddering, nattering, 
bedlam. That's a pink cupid, boogers. Botterboom, 
the room next to the room, the tomb of Natamycin. Doom and gloom 
and thanks for the flowers, stank up the hallway made my lettuce 
taste like pollen. Falling into ceremony, hegemony, ruthless good. 
A good broom used to sweep the moon, 
the neat, the knap, the grappling tumbling back. Have to pack.


  1. This is awesome. I love the Bluebs and the tomb of Natamycin. Seriously. REALLY cool.

    1. Did you catch the spoonerism in the title?