Monday, June 25, 2012

April 27th, Train To Roma Termini

I feel closer to you, somehow, 
in this light. 
In this lack of sleep, this dreaming, 
sweating, dying. Dying. Feeling love flame out, 
flame within quietly, 
in a wordless prayer. 
Love burns, and light burns, 
and the world is hard, and the world is beautiful. 
We are strangers.
I do not know you. But I want to. I want birds 
to fly between us. I want the softness of the stars 
to bind us. For words to mold into movement, and quietness. 
And mornings, and sunlight.
And light burns, 
and love burns.

Roma Termini. Sweat, urine, 
alcohol. Mouths hanging 
open. Green fields, feathery tops. 
Slanting light. Reflected light. Empty. Clear. Clarity.
Images swimming, 
emerging, fading. 
Being destined. 
Destiny. And where 
we’re headed. Somewhere. Anywhere 
we go. Everywhere, You are.
The dropping out from underneath, the guttural 
moan. The wail. No longer pretending. 
This is real, and this 
is real. And this is a practice 
of reality. Holding in, 
letting out, not trying. Doing without. 
Doing without trying.

My delight. My beloved. My weak, my lovely one. 
Will you look at me? 
your first love. 
Purity is not denying love – it is loving 
one thing only.

Another beauty. A look 
that might have meaning, that might 
have permanence. 
That might span continents. 
I trust you to remember, 
but you may not believe. So believe. 

Credit to Madeleine L'Engle, A Ring of Endless Light

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